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Beatitudes: Culture Vs Christ

In the Gospel, the beatitudes challenge how we live in our today’s society.

They challenge our cultural experiences and confront our selfish attitudes So we can live a blessed life in the kingdom of God.

Culture preaches to have more, to become richer, have more money,

Christ says to be poor in spirit then you win heaven.

Culture says to enjoy the instant happiness,

Christ says blessed are you when you cry and sweat for your happiness.

Culture says to become powerful and great,

Christ says to be humble to be a servant.

Culture says use any corrupt and unjust means your gain

Christ says –use the just means, be a righteous person.

Culture says if someone wrongs you, condemn them, sue them, punish them

Christ says be merciful, be forgiving

Culture says misuse and abuse your power, your body, your gifts,

Christ says be pure of heart, body and soul

Culture says when someone attacks you fight back

Christ says be a peacemaker, say a word of peace

Culture says run away from the sufferings and persecution and be safe

Christ says face it and your suffering will be rewarded in heaven.

How can we practice these beautiful attitudes in our life?

How can we truly live our life, as Christians - as true followers of Christ?

We pray for the grace to experience the poverty of spirit, humility, purity so that we may work for justice, equality and peace to build the kingdom of God. 

Lord, teach us your way, guide our steps on your path, and lead us to eternal life.

Author: Fr. Wilson Andrade, CSC


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