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Called to hope

We all have expectations, fears and imaginations of our unknown future. This could lead us to have two kinds of feelings: Being Joyous – as the Second Coming of Christ could bring feelings of joy, hope and peace. Or Being Judged – as it could fill us with regrets and fears for not believing in God’s love and showing mercy to one another.

As believers in Christ, we are called ‘not to be hindrance on others’ path in following Christ’s command to love God and one another. The Second Coming of Christ should not fill us with pride or idleness as Prophet Malachi says: "the proud and evil doers will be burned like straw…left without branches and roots."

We are called to be hopeful and be good examples so that others are “not deceived,” in the human crisis or natural calamities we experience. Our personal sickness, social crisis or natural disasters could become opportunities to believe deeply in Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the “Master and Savior of all.” .

We are invited to be persevering in our journey of faith, working tirelessly and praying unceasingly so that we are ready to receive Jesus Christ in His glory.

All glory and honor and praise to you, Lord Jesus. Amen

Author: Fr. Wilson Andrade, C.S.C

Photo: Fr. Roshan, C.S.C

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